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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

September 25, 1999
St. Louis, MO

Dick Fox, interim Association President, brought the meeting to order at 0905 hours with the pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Minutes of the 1997 meeting were read by John Hoenig, and accepted.

Jerry Seeney reported a balance of approximately $6,000 as of September 25, 1999.

Audit Committee: David Armbrust, chairman, audited the books and reported that "everything balanced to the penny".

Bylaw’s: Article I Section 1 reads "USS GLACIER ASSOCIATION" Majority voted to change to "USS GLACIER AGB-4 ASSOCIATION"

Nominations Committee: Robert Jung, chairman, presented the following nominations for 2 year terms: President, Dick Fox - Vice President, John Willard - Treasurer, Jerry Seeney. All were voted in by the membership.

Discussion was continued on opening up the Association to all military personnel, including the Coast Guard. Fox suggested that the CG could add "young blood" to the group. Seeney spoke in favor since Ben Koether had CG people on his staff of the GLACIER SOCIETY.

G.Waggoner worked along with CG people at the Suisan Bay site and said they were helpful and cooperative. Capt. Grant made a motion to include all military or scientific personnel who served aboard the GLACIER to be eligible for membership in the Association. Seconded by John Shrauger. All voted in favor.

President Fox will set up a committee to make By-law changes. All in favor.

Motion was made to "NOT to allow personnel from other icebreakers into the Association." All in favor.

Motion was made to continue GLACIER WEBSITE. All in favor.

Shipmate Jerry Hughes volunteered as Webmaster.

Reunion Committee: Dr. J. Fleetwood, chairman, reported three sites for the 2001 reunion. Annapolis, MD. Was voted as the site.

Motion was made by S. Vitale to send President Fox to Annapolis for a check of the site. All in favor. (Clint Davis’ house is available at $5 per night)

President Fox thanked Chuck McConnell and Jerry Seeney for their tireless efforts in contacting shipmates.

Motion was made and passed to obtain a plaque for Jim Tinch. Mike Gilligan offered to chair this effort.

Meeting was adjourned at 1019 hours with a moment of silence for the Tinch family and all departed shipmates.

Respectfully submitted,

John G. Hoenig,
acting Secretary to President Fox.

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