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Minutes of Meeting

September 27, 2001

Dick Fox president called the meeting to order at 0905 hr.. with the pledge of allegiance to the flag, minutes of the 1999 meeting were read by Richard Fox a motion was made by Darnell and seconded by Gene Hawes that the minutes of 1999 be approved.

A moment of silence for the American tragedy of the World Trade Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC was observed

The chairman of the audit committee Russ Willard, gave a report on the audit of treasurer Jerry Seeney and everything was OK with a balance of $8717.00 as of 9/15/01

Changes to be made on bylaws. Changes discussed on 1999 meeting have been made.

Jerry Seeney reported that we have lost over 100 members since the association was started.

President Fox has suggested that each member concentrate on finding members for the years they were on the Glacier.

Fred Hart has agreed to form and chair the committee for the recruitment and retention committee. A motion was made by Philip Smith to allot $1500.00 to go to the start up of the recruitment and retention committee.

Bob Jung chairman of the nominating committee nominated the following members for officers for the next 2 years. John Willard, Jr. President, Tom Ednet for Treasurer, Richard Fox Vice President. A motion was made by the nominating committee to accept these three members for officers and seconded by John Guilligan.

Seeney explained we will not be audited by the IRS until the account reaches $10,000.00. At this time there is no problem. Willard completed his report.

Willard, our new president, thanked everyone for attending this reunion and the nominating committee for nominating same. He will concentrate on building the association membership and also to concentrate on friendship of fellow shipmates, and try to do the best he can to promote Glacier Association membership in the next 2 years.

Motion by Hatch was made to send $200 to the New York City Police and Fireman's Fund ?The motion was seconded and passed.

A question was asked if the association could meet every year instead of every two years. We will put this question in a news letter and possibly vote on it at a later date.

Notation will be put in future news letter concerning the Antarctic Medal.

A motion was made and a seconded by Tom Ebnet to send the President, John Willard, Jr. to scout the next reunion site. Motion was carried.

Motion was made to adjourn and seconded


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