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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting, October 4, 2003, Imperial
Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, 0900 Hours

(1) Welcome by President John Willard and pledge allegiance to the flag.

(2) Minutes of last meeting are on Glacier website.

(3) Treasurer’s Report: Tom Ebnet – Balance of $7,073.73 as of 10/4/03. The audit committee, chaired by Gene Hawes stated, “Things look okay.”

(4) Committee Reports:

(A) Recruiting: Fred Hart – Over 300 letters mailed out to recruit new members.
(B) Reunion: Mike Norton – All voting on four locations for 2005. Site will be announced at Saturday banquet. (Note: Philadelphia was the selection)
(C) Nominating: Ken Holder, chairman, offered the following slate of officers for the next two years: President: Richard Fox, Vice President: Gordon Waggoner, and Treasurer: Thomas Ebnet. Nominations were closed. All voted in favor of the new slate. 

(5) New Business:

(A) New President Richard Fox took the stand and thanked everyone for their confidence in him.
(B) Woody Benner, 918 E. Lynwood St., Allentown, Pa., volunteered to be the Glacier historian. He will collect all Glacier memorabilia.
(C) President Fox and his officers are seeking a new recruitment committee chairman.
(D) Gordon Waggoner reminded everyone about the Glacier website.
(E) Round of applause for work done by outgoing president Willard.
(F) President Fox requests change of address information.
(G) John G. Hoenig won the two-year membership in the raffle; he donated the money to the Association. Robert Moynihan won the life membership.
(H) A moment of silence for fallen shipmates.

Meeting adjourned at 0939 hours.

Respectfully submitted, John G. Hoenig, acting secretary.


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