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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting, September 17, 2005
Clarion Hotel, Cherry Hill, N.J.

  1. Welcome by President Richard Fox with pledge of allegiance to the flag.
  2. Minutes of October 4, 2003, were read and approved.
  3. Committee reports:

a)   Tom Ebnet, treasurer, reported a current balance of $2,325.77, but expects approximately another 1000 after the reunion. Shipmate George Smith raised the question, “how did the treasury go from $7,000 in 2003 to the current $2,000 plus balance this year? Ebnet explained that the reunion services and expenses in Las Vegas were highly abnormal and we were hit with unforeseen rental fees.

b)   Ross Willard, chairman of the audit committee, reported that the books were exact and “to the penny.”

  1. Old business – none
  2. New business:

a.   President Fox received a request from the Glacier Society for a copy of our current roster. George Smith suggested that each member should have the right whether his name is disclosed to another organization. A motion was made, and seconded, for a “a flyer in the next mailing to let each individual decide whether this name and address can be released.” Motion passed.

b.   Bob Dietrich volunteered to update the Glacier website. All in favor.

c.   John Hoenig suggested liaison with the Glacier Society.

d.   Ralph Stanakis asked, “How were names picked for the next reunion. Robert Borri, reunion site committee chairman, explained that his committee members asked for suggestions in the hospitality room, and are always open for suggestions. Discussion ensured. Bob Newcomb asked, “Why not San Francisco, where the Glacier is?” Borri mentioned that Venecia is a small town, security is a problem, the ship is a mile away, and to get to it, we’d have to crawl over rusty ships – not an easy access. Keigh Olzen, a person with hotel experience, suggested a site that is exciting and offers new experiences. (Nashville, Tenn., was voted as the next reunion site.)

e.   Bob Jung, nominating committee chairman, presented the following slate for 2006-2007; Dick Fox, president; Gordon Waggoner, vice president; Tom Ebnet, treasurer. There were no nominations from the floor, so the nominations were closed. All voted in favor of the proposed slate.

f.     President fox thanked everyone for their confidence in the new officers.

After a moment in silence for deceased members of the association, the meeting was adjourned at 0957 hours.

Respectfully submitted, John G. Hoenig, acting secretary.


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