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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting, September 15, 2007
Holiday Inn Select, Nashville, TN

  1. Welcome by President Gordon Wagoner; meeting called to order at 8:33 AM; pledge of allegiance to the flag.
  2. Minutes of September 17, 2005, were read by Keith Otzen, acting Secretary, and approved.
  3. Committee reports:

a)   Tom Ebnet, Treasurer reported we were hit hard at our 2005 reunion mainly because of the  open bar of $2,300.00. We need new members for additional income and have to be careful - not to over spend. Balance for 2007 is $1,370.00.  Motion to approve by Bob Borra  Seconded by John Willard .

b)    Woody Benner, Chairman of the Audit Committee, reported that the books were exact and to the penny and that Tom Ebnet did a good job of record keeping.  - Motion to accept - by Bob Borra  Seconded by Jim Minor.

  1. Old business – none
  2. New business:

a.   John Willard discussed Life membership’s bring in no money and suggested members could “kick in” additional money when paying their dues. Gordon Wagoner suggested we raise dues to $25.00 to off-set our costs. Tom Ebnet indicated we are only using our principal and not interest on our account because it was set up wrong in the beginning. We will honor our current life member’s dues but no reissue for the future. Gordon Wagoner stated that if anyone knows someone out there for membership to let Tom know.  Motion to raise dues to $25.00 by Gordon Wagoner  Motion seconded by Mike Canzoweri  Motion to eliminate life - membership’s by - Earl Bills  Motion seconded by Lile Zane.

b.   Jerry Powell wanted to know when dues are due? Tom explained to the membership that the year due is marked by the address on the envelope. If you do not understand please call - Tom. Gordon Wagoner explained this is done this way to cut down on the mailing cost (expenses) and to see Tom Ebnet regarding questions.

c.   Dan Slabaugh wanted an explanation of the Society and the Association? Gordon Wagoner explained the two memberships and gave an up-date on the Society and Glacier’s recent extension. Bridgeport, Conn. is back in the plan! Gordon Wagoner will do a Presidents Report on this in our web site.

d.   Fred Hart suggested we give our email addresses to Tom Ebnet for those who have them. Tom indicated we will be able to check on our dues on the web site eventually. Gordon Wagoner stated  “it’s not perfect, but we are working on it.”

e.   Bob Jung asked about our relationship with Armed Forces Reunions, Inc (A.F.R.I.)? His other reunions do not work with them to save costs. Gordon Wagoner indicated we are reviewing this already for 2009 based on his knowledge with his “Swift Boats” reunion this year.

f.     Keith Otzen covered hotel costs, contracts, and hidden costs for us to watch out for in the future.

g.   Fred Hart presented the - following - slate of officers for Vice President, Secretary /Treasurer and asked for volunteers for the Audit and the Nominating Committee for 2009. - There were no additional nominations for President or Secretary/Treasurer.  President – Gordon Wagoner  Secretary/Treasurer – Tom Ebnet  Keith Otzen volunteered for the Audit Committee  Motion to a - ccept by Lile Zane  Seconded by Bob Borra  - - Slate for Vice President Are:  1). Bill Boyd  2). - Elwood “Woody” Benner  3). Mike Canzoweri  - - The Three Candidates expressed to the membership why they were interested in the position?  - - Woody Benner was voted as our new 1st - Vice President!

h.   The next reunion sites to be voted on are: 

1). Wilmington, NC
2). Minneapolis/St Paul/Bloomington, MN 
3). Virginia Beach/Norfolk area

2009 will be in - Wilmington, NC - based on cost and approval with AFRI.

i.    Woody Benner asked that members donate memorabilia to GLACIER so it won’t get lost or thrown away and offered $10.00-$15.00 donation to help our Association! Woody also asked about information on “Ghost of Brian Freedman” who was electrocuted aboard the Glacier.

Gordon Wagoner recognized our 7 Plank Owners and offered a moment of silence for our deceased members. 

 Gordon Wagoner, President, adjourned the meeting. Seconded by Bob Borra. 

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Otzen, acting Secretary


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