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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting, September 19, 2009
Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, Minneapolis South, MN Sept 16-20

1.      Welcome by President, Gordon Wagoner

2.      Meeting called to order at 8:29AM

3.      Pledge of allegiance to the flag

4.      Minutes of September 15, 2007 were read by Keith Otzen, Acting Secretary and approved.


a). Tom Ebnet, Treasurer reported we are over $3,000.00 as of this reunion.   Motion to approve as read by John Collins,  Motion Carried. 

b). Bob Bora, Chairman of the Audit committee, reported Tom Ebnet, Treasurer did a   fine job.  The committee’s recommendation was to deposit dues checks in a more timely manner. Motion to approve by Bill Boyd, audit Accepted. 

6.      OLD BUSINESS – None


a). Raymond Woodley stated that the GLACIER Navy Helicopter Alumni Association would like to attend our reunion with about 37 people.  Chuck White had questions whether they would join, merge or attend.  It was suggested they do their own mailing and paper work.  Gordon Wagoner explained the Sheraton’s contract and room night’s attrition, etc and how it would help with adding them to the GLACIER reunion.  Chuck White put a motion on the floor in favor to accept in order to bring our numbers up, seconded by Tom Ebnet.: motion carried by Gordon Wagoner. 

b). Gordon Wagoner explained the raffle and door prizes for tonight during the banquet.  Old reunion T shirts would be available for $10.00.   Pictures were also discussed and the DJ during the dance. 

c). Willie Wilkins, Chairman of the Reunion Committee, presented the following reunion sites for September, 2011 to be voted on by the membership.

      1). Branson, MO

      2). San Antonio, TX

      3). Savannah, GA

      4). Reno, NV

Our 2011 biennial reunion will be in Branson, MO as indicated above with the majority of votes.  Bob Bora mentioned that the Navy Helicopter Alumni Association had met in Savanna in 2009.

d). Dick Fox stated that his committee has had their meeting and indicated the officers are all set.  Tom Ebnet has resigned as Treasurer and Gordon Wagoner would now be the President and Treasurer combined.  Elwood “Woody” Benner will remain as vice President/Historian and Keith Otzen as Secretary. Motion to accept by John Collins. Seconded by Bob Bora 

e). Gordon Wagoner explained the President/treasurer position and accepted the combined position.  He further explained that former president Jim Tinch was also President/Treasurer. 

f). Chuck White had questions about AFRI.  Keith Otzen explained what they do for us and how we compensate them. John Willard wanted to know what they all did to help plan the Minnesota reunion.

g). Gordon Wagoner explained the annual dues are from July 1, to July 1.  If dues are paid on a different month they are still due on the following July 1st.  Non paid dues members are not on our list.  Dick Fox explained the number on the dues card indicates the order at which members signed up.

h). Charlie White asked about bulk mailing to save on mailing cost.  Gordon Wagoner stated it is not much different.  Raymond Woodley indicated that email is the best way to go if members have them! 

i). Gordon Wagoner stated that membership is going down and since the last reunion fourteen members have been added to the “down to the sea list”.  Tom Vergari wanted to know what other Ice Breakers do for their reunions. 

j). Dick Reed asked about advertising in the VFW magazine and how often?  John Willard explained both the VFW and American Legion advertising procedures.  Gordon Wagoner will follow-up and get this done.  

k). Woody Benner, Historian asked members to donate memorabilia to GLACIER so it won’t get lost or thrown away.  Woody explained that we should all be looking for members from our own state and call or write letters to them regarding membership.  Contact them! 

l). Willie Wilkins asked about the GLACIER “first time cover” post office stamp from Antarctica from past cruises and if we know what it is (you can find them on eBay under USS Glacier). 

Gordon Wagoner recognized our Plank Owners and offered a moment of silence for our deceased members.

Gordon Wagoner, President adjourned the Business Meeting, Seconded by Keith Otzen

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Otzen,
USS Glacier AGB-4 Association


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