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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting - September 17, 2011
Lodge of the Ozarks – Branson, MO
September 14-18, 2011

Welcome by President, Gordon Wagoner

Meeting Called to order at 08:30AM

Pledge of allegiance to the flag

Minutes of September 19, 2009 were read by Keith Otzen, Secretary and approved.


         A). Treasurers report = $4,704.07.  Over $7,000.00 was deposited this year.    

          B). Audit report.  Bob Bora, Chairman of the audit committee (Bob Archer, Gene Hawes, Charles McManus, Richard Barkowski), reported all was in order and Gordon Wagoner should remain as treasurer for another two years.  Motion to approve by John Collins.  Accepted by Jake Carter.



         A). Don Fremin asked about the Glacier Society.  Gordon Wagoner explained nothing is new on the Society web site and stated the condition of the ship and what work was done by work parties.

          B).  Elmer Blevins wanted to know what other Ice Breakers are doing for reunions and asked about the Coast Guard.  In the past the majority of our membership would just like to have the Glacier reunion and not merge.

          C). Gene Haas made a motion for Gordon Wagoner to check with his contacts to find out if the Edisto would like to have a combined reunion with the Glacier for 2013.  Dick Fox volunteered to help.  Seconded by John Collins.  Motion carried.

           D). John Collins discussed there was a nuclear leak at McMurdo Sound and there was exposure to radiation at the base.  It was falsely led to believe that it was not serious.

           E). Gordon Wagoner stated we are losing about fourteen members per year.  Jake Carter indicated we are all about the same age!

            F). Gordon Wagoner discussed our raffle tickets and is very pleased with ticket sales for shirts, Glacier prints, etc.  We will also have a free room night voucher for the Saturday evening drawing.

            G). Willie Wilkins, chairman of the reunion committee (Bill Boyd, Raymond Woodley, Bruce Peterson, Chuck White), presented the following reunion sites for September, 2013 to be voted on by the membership.

                      1). Boston, MA           19 votes

                      2). San Diego, CA       02 votes

                      3). New Orleans, LA   15 votes

Our 2013 Biennial reunion will be in Boston, MA as indicated above with the majority of votes.  Gordon Wagoner stated “we are looking for a reunion friendly hotel for the best price”.  For instance, Annapolis pricing was extremely high.  This is the reason we have a second and third option location to choose from.  Our 2013 reunion will be posted as a thumb print on our web site.

              H). Mike Norton indicated we had a bad experience in Boston in 1995 and what can we do so it won’t happen again.

               I). Bob Moynahan stated that hotel rates are high in Boston.

               J). Gordon Wagoner wanted the membership to know that we have never had a write in candidate for election of officers.  This is in the by-laws of our association.  No write in votes.

               K). John Collins made the motion to accept the current officers for the next two years.  Motion on the floor, all in favor, accepted.  Motion carried.

                       1). Gordon Wagoner – President/Treasurer

                       2). Woody Benner - First Vice President/Historian

                       3). Keith Otzen – Secretary

                L). Woody Benner, Historian talked about the Navy Memorial in Washington DC and how to become a member.  Also about the memorabilia he has received as our Historian and what we should do with everything.  He suggested we could contact the Navy memorial or the Smithsonian Institute to find out if there is an interest.  Charlie White said we should contact the Navy archives.  Gordon Wagoner explained about the two sisters who donated Captain Peter F. Faughman’s (63-65) memorabilia to our association.

                M). Woody discussed the past two reunions regarding our Friday night meal and made the following proposal;

                       1). Friday could be a free night (on your own).

                       2). Pizza and beer in the hospitality room.

Motion made to eliminate the Friday evening meal.  Motion carried and it was decided for pizza and beer in the hospitality room.

                 N). Charlie White asked about email addresses.  Gordon Wagoner said we have nearly 150 and 35 had recently bounced back.  Return mail (addresses as well). 

                  0). Joe Okonek asked about “down to the sea”.  Gordon Wagoner stated when a shipmate passes away he is added to our down to the sea list (web site) one at a time.

                  P). Jerry Edwards was the TV winner during our Saturday night banquet and Bill Boyd won a Glacier Print.

                  Q). Gordon Wagoner indicated our total attendance for this year’s reunion was eighty people with about 40 rooms per night.

                   R). Gordon Wagoner recognized our plank owners and offered a moment of silence for our deceased members and fallen heroes.

Gordon Wagoner, President made a motion to adjourn the business meeting.  Seconded by Keith Otzen

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Otzen,
USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

   2013 – Boston, MA

   2011 – Branson, MO

   2009 – Minneapolis (Bloomington, MN)

   2007 – Nashville, TN

   2005 - Philadelphia, PA

   2003 – Las Vegas, NV

   2001 – Charleston, SC

   1999 – St. Louis, MO

   1997 – Myrtle Beach, SC

   1995 – Boston, MA

   1993 – Norfolk, VA

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