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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting
Crown Plaza Hotel at the Crossings, Warwick, RI
October 5, 2013

Welcome by President, Gordon Wagoner

Meeting Called to order at 08:30AM with 24 members in attendance

Pledge of allegiance to the flag

Minutes of our Saturday, September 17, 2011 Business Meeting, Lodge of the Ozarks reunion were read by Woody Benner, First Vice President/Historian and were accepted.


A). Treasurers report. Current balance in account is $7,245.40. Approximately $1,600.00 in Glacier merchandise was sold.

B). Audit report. Bob Bora, Chairman, Gene Hawes, Thomas Natoli, reported all was in order with $8,600.00 in the Glacier account. Bob Bora made a motion to retain Gordon Wagoner as treasurer. Motion accepted by membership.

C). Reunion Committee. Melvin Wilkins, Chairman, John Collins, Raymond Woodley, Roland LaCorte, presented the following reunion sites for September/October, 2015 to be voted on by the membership.

1). Savannah, GA - 16 votes
2). Fredericksburg, VA - 5 votes
3). San Antonio, TX - 1 vote

Our 2015 Biennial reunion will be held in Savannah, GA as indicated above with the majority of votes. Gordon Wagoner stated “we will be looking for a reunion friendly hotel with the best affordable price.” Our 2015 reunion will be posted our web site



A). Jim Foote made a motion we give a donation to the Wounded Warrior Association. Bob Bora recommended a maximum of $500.00 to be considered if we decide to do so. Motion accepted by membership.

B). Chuck White had a question “what is the cost is to run the Glacier Association.” Gordon Wagoner explained our income is through members that pay their dues and merchandise sold. In addition, listed on our dues form, there is a designated space for Glacier Association donations. Many of our members, when paying their dues, add on a little more for our treasury, postage, etc.

C). Jim Foote recommended we have a slate of two cities from the West coast, east coast, and the Midwest to vote on. Fred Hart stated that 80% of our membership comes from the East Coast, Florida, and Virginia.

D). Fred Hart discussed retention of members. Gordon Wagoner stated “word of mouth” with our shipmates is the best way to go because of address changes. If dues are paid our members will receive a newsletter. Our biannual newsletter is sent to all active dues paying shipmates.

E). Gordon Wagoner talked about the NEW Glacier Jacket. They are now available to view on the Glacier web site along with instructions on how to order them through our Association. 

F). David Haugland talked about where we should be going as an association.

G). Gordon Wagoner discussed this evening’s (Sat.) event and the deluxe door prizes that will be given out. 

H). Gene Hawes suggested our members bring a donation that designates something from their home state for the Saturday night raffle. Gordon Wagoner stated “we could include this as a suggestion in our spring newsletter.”

I).  John Collins stated “the pizza and beer in our Friday night hospitality room got an A+ versus the buffet dinner we have had in the past.  Gordon Wagoner and our membership agreed that the hospitality room event was a great success!

J). George Smith questioned hotel room rates. Gordon Wagoner stated, we negotiate with AFRI for a rate as close to $100.00 as possible with no attrition charges and to include a daily hot breakfast with no rental charges for the Meeting space. In addition, we ask for a 25% discount off the hotels menus for our group functions.

K). Voting of new officers:

Joe Okonek made a motion to accept the current officers for the next two years. Motion on the floor, all in favor, motion carried.

1). Gordon Wagoner, President/Treasurer

2). Woody Benner, First Vice President/Historian

3). Keith Otzen, Secretary/Sergeant at Arms

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Otzen,
USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

   2015 – Savannah, GA
   2013 – Boston, MA
   2011 – Branson, MO
   2009 – Minneapolis (Bloomington, MN)
   2007 – Nashville, TN
   2005 - Philadelphia, PA
   2003 – Las Vegas, NV
   2001 – Charleston, SC
   1999 – St. Louis, MO
   1997 – Myrtle Beach, SC
   1995 – Boston, MA
   1993 – Norfolk, VA

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