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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

Business Meeting
Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center – Virginia Beach
Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome by President, Gordon Wagoner.

Meeting called to order at 9:01AM by Gordon Wagoner.

Pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Minutes of our Saturday, October 5, 2013 Business meeting, Crown Plaza Hotel at the crossings, Warwick, RI were read by Secretary, Keith Otzen. Bill Boyd made a motion to accept. Motion accepted.



A). Treasurers Report. Current Balance is $9,660.25. Approximately $1,697.00 in Glacier merchandise and dues were taken in at this year’s reunion.

B). Audit Report. Bob Bora, Chairman, Bill Boyd and Richard Bartkowski reported all was in order with $9,660.25 in the Glacier account. Motion accepted by membership.

C). Reunion Committee. Peter Benac, Chairman, James Hicks, and Roland Lacorte explained our ballot and presented the following reunion sites for September/October, 2017 to be voted on by the membership.

1). Portland, Maine - 10 votes
2). San Antonio, TX - 16 votes

Bill Boyd explained the San Antonio River Walk area and also mentioned that Portland, Maine is a very beautiful and historic coastal city with many things to see and do including fine shows and foliage in the fall.

Our 2017 Biennial reunion will be held in San Antonio, Texas which received the majority of votes. Gordon Wagoner stated “we will be looking for a reunion friendly hotel with the best affordable price.” Our 2017 reunion will be posted as a thumbprint on our web site.


A). Bill Boyd discussed locating new members and said we should check the website to playout new members.

B). Woody Benner stated “everyone knows one or two shipmates – try to recruit them.

C). Charles White and George Smith offered to contact missing members located in their zip code if we can provide them with a list of names.

D). Gordon Wagoner explained our roster from the computer in the hospitality room and that 80% are on the East Coast (majority) but it is up to the members and wives where our reunion goes. Our original roster list has 500 names and most have not updated their dues. We send out 300 newsletters.

E). George Smith wanted to know if Hotels want our business and let our shipmates know what they are getting for their money. Keith Otzen explained what we get from the hotel because of our guest room commitment of about 135 room nights.

  1. Special room rate.

  2. No attrition charges.

  3. Daily hot breakfast buffet for 2.

  4. No rental for hospitality room and free ice and clean up.

  5. We can bring in our own liquor, beer, wine, soft drinks, and munchies into the hospitality room.

  6. Discount off hotels menus for our group functions.

Most hotels won’t give us this and also will not allow reunions (or anyone) to bring in their own food and beverages to the hospitality/meeting rooms. Hotels have corkage fees and would like to sell these costly items for a profit. 

F). Wounded Warrior: Motion carried to donate $500.00 to the Wounded Warrior Association.

G). Glacier Memorabilia: Woody Benner, Historian stated that everything is on the tables in our hospitality room and the different things we have. The Glacier is no longer with us for a possible museum. Maybe we should contact the Marine Shipbuilders in Texas. Our membership would like to know where our memorabilia would be going. Dick Reed indicated that museums will take personal items only. 

H). Voting of new officers: Motion was made to accept the current officers for the next two years. Motion carried.

  1. Gordon Wagoner, President/Treasurer

  2. Woody Benner, First Vice President/Historian

  3. Keith Otzen, Secretary/Sergeant at Arms

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Otzen,
USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

   2017 – San Antonio, TX
2015 – Norfolk, VA (Virginia Beach)
   2013 – Boston, MA (Warwick, RI)
   2011 – Branson, MO
   2009 – Minneapolis (Bloomington, MN)
   2007 – Nashville, TN
   2005 - Philadelphia, PA
   2003 – Las Vegas, NV
   2001 – Charleston, SC
   1999 – St. Louis, MO
   1997 – Myrtle Beach, SC
   1995 – Boston, MA
   1993 – Norfolk, VA

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