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Division Structure
The Dispatches Division represents the area of the Association's Web site used for internal communications and consists of the following Sections:
  • President's Report: This Section contains all of the Reports issued by the President of the Association from 1999 to the present. Beginning in the spring of 2008, the President's Reports are presented in a quarterly and yearly format.     Take me there ] 
  • Minutes of Meetings: This Section contains all of the Minutes of Association meetings from 1997 to the present.      Take me there ]
  • Reunion: This Section contains information about the upcoming USS Glacier AGB-4 Association's Reunion      Take me there ]
  • Save the Glacier: This Section contains messages forwarded to us from the Save the Glacier Society starting in July 1998 to the present. Included are means of contacting the Society.      Take me there ]
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