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Site Structure
The Association's Web site consists of the following Divisions:

  • Annals: By far the largest of the Divisions in the site, the Annals contains the Association's Mission Statement, the history of the ship and the three Areas which make up the Memorabilia Section: Maps and Charts, Patches and Ship Images.       Take me there ]
  • Dispatches: This Division contains the President's Report (past and present), the Minutes of meetings (past and present), information forwarded to us from the Save the Glacier Society and information on the Association's upcoming Reunion.      Take me there ]
  • Roster: This Division contains a complete list of all Members of the Association, a list of departed shipmates and a form for enlisting in the USS Glacier AGB-4 Association.      Take me there ]
  • Signals: This Division contains a listing of the Officers of the Association and how to contact them and Links to other Web sites that may be of interest.       Take me there ]

Each of the above Divisions has an Overview page that gives more details as to its content and purpose.

Problems and Suggestions
If you should encounter any problems while visiting this site, or if you have suggestions on how we might improve it or features we might add, please contact the Webmaster at Alternative Internet Designs.

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