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USS Glacier AGB-4 Association

Minutes of Meeting

October 4, 1997
Myrtle Beach, SC

Webmaster's note: Jim Tinch, Association President, passed away in 1999.

James Tinch, Association President brought the meeting to order at 0900. After the pledge of allegiance to the flag came a pause for all deceased shipmates. Tinch then announced the Glacier association had 294 members. He thanked all members for their continuing support.

Financial report given by Charles McConnell. He reported a reasonable, positive balance as of June 30 1997. For more information on the financial condition of the Association, please contact President Tinch or
write to the Association.

Minutes of 1995 meeting were read by John Hoenig.


A lifetime membership fee was voted down by all present.

Tinch appointed Robert Newcomb to chair a committee to work out a membership fee structure.

Charles McConnell and Captain Porter were voted as lifetime members of the Association.

Nominating Committee

John Willard's committee nominated all the present Officers to continue to serve for 1997-1999. All voted in favor.

Reunion Committee

Chairman Ed Mott presented four choices for 1999 reunion site–Virginia Beach, Orlando, Las Vegas and St. Louis. A vote was taken and St. Louis was chosen. A motion by Sal Vitale to send Jim Tinch to St. Louis to check out facilities. All voted in favor.

Membership Committee

Robert Newcomb came to an agreement for a fee of $150.00 for one time payment for life membership in the Association, with requirements of being a paid member for three years prior. All voted in favor.

Tinch mentioned an invitation by the West Coast Glacier Association to attend their reunion next June and tour the Ice Breaker USCG Healy. This will be a co-reunion with Coast Guard Ice Breaker people.

Sal Vitale made an appeal for more donations to help sustain our Association.

Robert Newcomb mentioned that the Naval Historical Society has colored pictures of the USS GLACIER for $20.00 each.

Ben Koether was instrumental in getting Capt. Phil Porter to attend the reunion. Capt. Porter referred to Ben as "the enforcer."

Meeting adjourned at 0950 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

John G. Hoenig,
acting scribe at the pleasure of Pres. Tinch.

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