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President's Quarterly Report

Fall 2009

AHOY Shipmates!

Well the ninth Glacier reunion held at Bloomington Minnesota is now gone down in the record books, many thanks go out to everyone who took time out of their schedules to come and participate in this great event. The weather was absolutely perfect with temperatures way above normal, which was just what the doctor order for the cruise on the riverboat and other events that were taking place. Our hotel was really nice and Iím sure every one would agree that our hospitality room was out site!

For those of you who where not at the last reunion to vote, our next city of choice for 2011 reunion will be Branson Mo. I have never been there myself but hear it is a wonderful place to meet and have fun. I hope to have a good turn out so start your planning now. I would like to see our numbers come up some but I cannot do this alone, I need your help especially from some of my shipmates I havenít seen for a few years. I would like to hear from any of you that might have suggestions or complaints, you can e-mail me or just give me a call. I will post the contact number at the end of this newsletter.

Our business meeting was held on Saturday morning, I have posted it on our web site to be viewed in full but I will highlight some of the more important issues now. I ran unopposed for president and Iím honored to serve another term for you. Keith Otzen was elected secretary and I am very happy to have him onboard, Keithís knowledge of the hotel business and service reunion operation will be an asset to our association. Woody Benner ran unopposed for vice president and will remain at this position and also our ships historian, if you have anything you would like to donate you can find Woodyís address and phone number on our web site. Tom Ebnet resigned as our treasure due to his failing health, I want to take this time to thank Tom as a long time friend and to his 10 years of dedication as treasure for the Glacier association, I have taken over his position of treasure as well as being your president. 

Also at our meeting the question was brought up to let the Glacier Navy Helicopter Association attend our reunions with about 37 members, they would do all their own mailing and paper work. This would help us bring our numbers up at our reunions and also give us some more bargaining power when signing contracts for our reunions. A motion was put on the floor to accept, motion was passed; I feel this was a good move for the association for these sailors did serve duty on the glacier.

I know you have heard this before but I canít express enough, if you move to please let me know what your new address is. Last summer just before the reunion I sent out an mailing and had 37 letters returned with bad addresses, if we donít find these shipmates that is a big lose from our rooster. If you know of anyone that has moved please let me know!

I have received the final numbers form the Armed Forces Reunion people and I am happy to report that we are actually getting money back, $441.76 to be exact, which will bring our Glacier account up to $3758.24. I want to thank those people that donated money and their time at the reunion, their generosity and dedication to the Glacier association will not go over looked.

Last but not leased I want to thank all of you for the continuing support of the Glacier association through out all of these years, I proud to belong to this association and honor to have you as shipmates!

Gordon Wagoner
USS Glacier Association

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