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10 May 2003




"New Signal flags have been ordered and Bill Jones's wife is going to sew the new flag bags.

The "kit" (special tools for the detachable links required to bend on anchor chain) arrived, two tapered pin hammers & lead plugs. With the hairpins that I made, I think we are in pretty good shape to complete the anchor chain operation next week.
Jim Echoff

"Removed and cleaned for reuse two removable chain links from the port anchor. One 2 1/2 and one 2 1/4. JT Washington has promised to provide the lead plugs. Installed back up cable stopper for Stbd.. anchor and released inboard pelican hook. Cleaned and lubricated inboard anchor turnbuckles. Continued pumping water and cleaning up in CPO quarters where water came in through port hole. Continued cleaning resistor and control cabinets on towing winch. Volunteers aboard Werner Pels, Frank Wright and Ray Bunten.
"MARAD crew removed the forward anchor that was deployed through the bull nose this morning. Crew also rearranged the forward wires to the Mauna Kea and the Nemasket to clear the forward deck area for chain handling." This clearly shows that the ship is being prepared for movement.

Ray Bunten, 

"Don't know whether I qualify as strong and capable, but I'll be there next week, EXCEPT for Thursday.
Thanks to our MARAD escort, Mr. Washington, we got a lot of chain prep work done this week that would have been much more difficult without his expert advice."
Werner Pels

"Thank you for providing regular, early information about the timing for the
USCGC GLACIER shift to San Francisco."
John Pace, SeaRiver Maritime, Inc

"Please welcome Brent Anderson, a good friend and fellow trombone player. He is looking forward to helping on Tuesday and Thursday, as I will also."
Bill Jones.

Bernard G. Koether, II
Glacier Society, Inc
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05 May 2003


1. We continue making steady progress and are closing in on the move date. Here are the list of outstanding items that are completed or will be by the end of next week.

2. The anchor windlass is operational having been certified by our crew and confirmed by MARAD. The chain will be loaded and bent on to the anchors next Tuesday & Thursday. WE NEED ALL HANDS THOSE DAYS. A detachable link kit is on order for next week to connect the anchor chain.

3. The bilges are dry and flooding alarms will be completed and operational next week.
4. The voids that were opened have been closed and we are beginning to Set Condition Zebra second deck and below as the ultra sonic survey is completed.

5. We have gathered considerable ultrasonic readings of the plates and things look good, but we will await the official report from our Pro Bono survey team led by the able Joe Arvizu of Edge Testing and Inspection. Please give a big hand to Joe, he has volunteered whilst he is forming his new company.

6. Signal Flags and halyards are on order. We need a volunteer canvas shop to make us a flag bag cover, who's out there??

7. All watertight doors are operational. The decks are cleared of obstructions and new lifelines rigged. The mooring lines are flaked out ready to run.

8. Type II PFD's will be loaded next week, borrowed from the Red Oak Victory, Thank you Red Oak Victory!!

9. We will meet with the SFO Warfinger next Monday to complete arrangements for Pier 80 and place the order for the insurance.

10. That leaves us only to wind up the details with USCG MSO and the SFO Pilots and SeaRiver Tugs to set the movement date.

11. Meanwhile your Finance Team, Grants Team, and the Design & Build team are hard at work lining up money and specifications for the dry dock period.

Bernard G. Koether, II
Glacier Society, Inc
203-375-6638 Office HQ
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415-686-0350 Cell
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31 March 2003


1. We are a bit slow in reporting this month because we are so engaged with ship activities and now an increasing burden of shore based paper work focused on the restoration of the ship. Here are the highlights for the month of March.

2. Ship pre-movement preparations are advancing. Yesterday Peterson Power & MARAD delivered a 350 KW Gen Set to the hanger deck. This will be cut into the ships electrical system to power the anchor windlass and the after mooring winches. Anchor chain will arrive shortly.

3. All gear and spaces are ready to get underway. All we have to do is to complete pumping the bilges and seal the voids and close all hatches below the waterline. But we will also install bilge alarms, and eventually will have them linked with wireless telemetry to our local volunteers and GS HQ. We are also investigating new technology, (Safe Harbor) for Video surveillance of the ship that will be available over the Internet. 4. We have visited with various suppliers to assist in developing new specifications for the re-build of Glacier. Several have submitted written quotations and even shop drawings, so this effort is gaining real steam. The number one priority is to bring on one or more shipyards to give us some assistance with restoration estimates. Two yards have requested a set of plans for review. Meanwhile our Design Team continues its work towards developing a shipyard bid package.

5. We are circulating a set of Science specifications, or a Science Mission Statement & capabilities outline, for review. If you would like one to receive one speak up. We are seeking as many sources and ideas as possible. We are awaiting completion of the Medical Teams first draft and then it will be circulated. And last we are beginning to pull together the Education component. This is being spearheaded by our San Francisco based Team, under the leadership of Tom Rusert and Gary Franklin, and our East Coast team lead by John Barell at the American Museum of Natural History.

6. Next week we will conduct an ultra sonic survey of the hull from the interior spaces where we can access the outer plating. This, with the pier contract, the tow plan and the insurance should position us for final clearance by USCG to move to SFO Pier 80 in June. We will try to set a date with as much advance notice as possible. 

7. We are creating a new web page with a listing of our Corporate Sponsors, a paragraph about those significant contributors, and links to their home site. Please watch it should be up soon. And if your name is not there, we'd be happy to help you receive recognition…just take some action today!


Bernard G. Koether, II
Glacier Society, Inc
203-375-6638 Office HQ
203-380-3474 Direct
561-543-1288 Cell
415-686-0350 Cell
866-ICE-PLAY  Toll Free

02 February 2003


1.      We have begun a very productive year. 2003 We logged twice as many volunteer man-days in than we had in the same period of time last year.  The future looks very bright thank you all. 

2.      Our pre movement survey will be in the hands of the USCG this week and followed     shortly by the tow plan and a target date agreed upon by USCG, SeaRiver Tugs, SFO Pilots, and our membership. Looks like the end of April or early May. 

3.      Our next workweek is March 10 to 14. Let's keep the pace up; we have lots to do to get ready to move. If you are a volunteer we will send you the detailed work list and some preliminary priorities. 

4.      We are completing several grant applications. If you know of someone who is qualified we could use more hands for this effort, and general fund raising. 

5.      Our vendor participation is growing with preliminary design efforts and specifications for the ship overhaul moving ahead quickly. Our team of doctors from Yale Medical School is drafting a medical plan and we are gaining in enlistments from leading Scientific centers such as Byrd Polar Institute. Keep an eye on the web site for details of all the new "board members and their credentials."  You'll find it very impressive indeed. 

6.      Major recent accomplishments put the following into operation: Quick acting watertight doors, running lights, forward crane. 

7.      MarineSafety International has made a very generous  & significant commitment to provide training for our crewmembers to attain STCW certification. Access will be via application and scheduling at our head office.  We will begin this process once the ship is alongside the pier and we have established the crew requirements and determined the bridge equipment & configuration.  Meanwhile visit the web site: www.MarineSafety.com.  You will be very impressed. Our crew will be have the very best training available. We have requests out to other schools for additional training programs that may be closer to your home. 

8.      Our membership continues to climb, and our corporate support as well. Have you done everything you can to bear a hand? We need dedicated funds for berthing, mooring gear, fire protection equipment, and supplies. Once alongside we will continue with our Elderhostel Program. There are nearly 20 participants excited and waiting availability to join the crew aboard ship. IF NOT A MEMBER NOW, JOIN TODAY WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION NOW TODAY! 

9.      We are in discussions with SNAME to establish a joint program at the World Maritime Technology Conference and Exposition in San Francisco October 17 to 20.  Visit  www.SNAME.org corporate sponsorship opportunities will be available for this event that will be in downtown San Francisco.

Ben Koether

25 October 2002

Restoration Log 20

Belay that last order! We cancel sailing in November.

1. We have run into unexpected technical difficulties with the proposed berth #10 at Mare Island. We have attempted to extend the sailing time for a short period in November so that we could resolve the outstanding issues, but the SFO Pilots prefer to wait until the end of February when both the weather and the transit conditions in the Carquinez Straight improve. MARAD has agreed with our extended stay in Suisun Bay. This is a big disappointment to our volunteers. We truly believed Vallejo would become an ideal community to share our project during the coming years. 


2. Since we announced our intention to move the ship we have had about 30 new volunteers join our quest. The total number is now 250 men and women. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has made a major contribution in this regard. Welcome Aboard! New Memberships dues and gifts exceeding $20,000.00 arrived this week. This is great news that balances the disappointment of not being able to sail to Mare Island. 


3. We are assembling a team of specialists from our volunteer ranks to crank up the search for a host berth that will give us a stable location with an extended occupancy that justifies the start up investment of our members. Mare Island is still a possibility, but there are major obstacles to overcome. 


4. We believe we have been successful in reaching those of you who were planning to drive to the ship by telephone. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience; we finalized this decision at 1100 this morning. Please help me make sure the word gets to all our membership.

5. We can inform you that we have all the necessary equipment and support, tugs, pilots, mooring lines and signal flags. So all we need is a satisfactory berthing arrangement, good weather and we are off again to the pier, meanwhile we will continue our on board restoration focusing on ventilation and fresh water distribution.

From the Bridge,
Ben Koether
CA when the ship is moved alongside the pier. 

17 October 2002

 Restoration Log 19

Reveille, reveille, reveille! All Hands Heave Out & Thrice up!


Set the Special Sea and Anchor Detail!


Glacier sails to Mare Island on one of these days depending on our tugs, pilot, weather and crew Availability: November 14, 15, or 18. We believe the 18th is the best day if that works for our supporters. It will give us the most time to prepare the ship and berth at Mare Island. However, if you wish to sail, you had better be nearby bearing a hand on Tuesday November 12th to get the ship ready. Some of us will be there the week before making arrangements, you welcome then as well.

We need crew to man positions: line handlers, lookouts, radio operators & messengers, guides for VIP's, press & photographers, quartermaster for the log book, security for the gangway, pier crew for line handling, signalmen for the flag bag, electricians to supply current for lighting, anchor windlass, engine men & machinists, and of course sweepers.

We must prepare a roster of those who wish to sail. We need to assign positions and organize life jackets for each person, so please make your arrangements immediately and inform via e-mail myself, Vickie, vipacs@GlacierSociety.org, and Jack Erhard, jacknbetsy@earthlink.net.

If you have questions or need assistance in anyway call 866-ICE-PlAY

Everyone who receives this is invited, however we cannot take all 4,500 of you who are on this mailing list so hurry and get your name in. Some members of our team do not have e-mail, we've called some already, but if you know of others or have friends who have not joined up and gotten their name on our mailing list you are welcome to invite them as well. We will work out the approved list with USCG & MARAD and confirm back to you your position on board or on the pier at Mare Island.

Thank you all for your great efforts and contributions. This is an exciting time for us all. I hope to see you on board!!

Bernard G. Koether
Glacier Society, Inc.
905 Honeyspot Road
Stratford, CT 06615
203-375-6638 Office
866-ICE-PLAY Toll Free

9 October 2002


Thank you all!! This is the moment we have dreamed of for nearly three years since the day Glacier's retired crewmembers began the drive to restore Glacier. A Well Done to all hands: Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Marines, Scientists, Seabees, Air National Guard, VX6, US Coast & Geographic Survey, NOAA, members of Congress and the local political staff in California and Connecticut. What a magnificent team assembled via the Internet and personal phone calls. You are a great team!

1. MARAD has approved the final set of transfer documents. Glacier Society is cleared to remove the ship from Benicia. We are planning to execute the move to Mare Island Pier #10 during the week of November 11 to 15. There is not a 100% guarantee of this date but everyone is working hard to make it a reality. Now is the time to book your travel reservations, many us from the East Coast will be scheduling to remain on station for a month or more.
2. There are significant tasks remaining to be accomplished both on board the ship and ashore. You have just three weeks left to become a Restoration Plank Owner so you must step up and volunteer now to take action to become a member of this group. Call Jack Erhard (jacknbetsy@earthlink.net) or Glacier Society Headquarters at 1-866-ICE-PLAY to enlist and volunteer your skills.

3. We need crewmembers for the trip from MARAD to Mare Island. Please let us know if you are available and what tasks you are qualified for. We also need crewmembers to be stationed on the pier to handle the lines when we come along side. We will be berthing along side a navy barge which is moored to the pier. We will need photographers, personnel on the bridge, windlass operators, signalmen for flags, personnel to serve hot coffee and snacks, and guides for VIP's and the press. Don't forget one of the most important tasks on a ship…THE SWEEPERS!!….we have lots of sweeping and vacuuming both on deck and below. We need a roster, so contact us by phone or e-mail ASAP.


4. We will not be able to park mobile homes or RV's on Mare Island for the foreseeable future. We will seek alternative locations for those of you who wish to drive such vehicles to Vallejo.

5. We are seeking volunteers who are qualified and positioned to dedicate lengthy periods of time to assisting with the restoration evaluation and the engineering design work. Currently licensed mariners are particularly valuable to us in this process. Please submit your history and availability to the office.

See you on board,

Bernard G. Koether

1 September 2002


1. We have our first Major Glacier society Board Meeting this week at which time we will review our plans to move the ship to Berth #10 at Mare Island. If the Management Board approves the draft documents they will be off to MARAD & the Mare Island Crews for signatures. We expect to have Glacier along side the pier before Thanksgiving.


2. Workweeks will continue as previously outlined, being the second week of the month. We have two months left, September and October and then the move. If you have not been aboard, these two months are your last chance to qualify as a "Restoration Plank Owner". Please contact Jack Erhard to book your participation. Reach Jack at: jacknbetsy@earthlink.net. Jack will relieve Bob Farmer officially during the movement from Mare Island. Bob has responsibilities at home that will prevent his continuing the aggressive schedule he has maintained for the past two years. We will have an award for Bob at that time, meanwhile please send him your thanks. Bob has performed a wonderful service and has set a "Gold Standard" for the retired United States Coast Guard Captains. Were looking for another retired USCG Captain to pick up from Bob. Who's going to step up? !

3. Last weekend I had the pleasure of working the California Restaurant Show with Eric Rosenquist our Hospitality Group Leader. We raised about $50,000 worth of new equipment for the ships galley, and we are not done yet. Please be assured that we will have an entirely new galley with the latest equipment. We are building a special Hospitality Leaders Web page at the Glacier web site, watch to see who the members are. You will be impressed!

4. We have signed contracts with Elderhostel. Three programs will begin next spring aboard ship. Elderhostel ran a similar program for the Battleship Missouri and it was one of their most successful series. We hope to set a new record.

5. Glacier society will be very busy this month. We will be at these activities: Glacier Society Trustees & Managing Board Sept. 4th, Stratford, CT. Glacier visits Digital Ship in London and holds discussions with Glacier Society of UK. Sept 7-14. Glacier holds up the flag at the Norwalk Oyster Festival, sharing booth with Sea Cadets and Navy League, Sept. 6,7,8 in Norwalk, CT. Glacier briefs UNOLS Icebreaker Coordinating Committee at the National Science Foundation, Sept. 23 & 24. The SNAME Trade Show in Boston Sept 25 through 28th see: http://www.sname.org. All this plus our regular week aboard ship Sept. 9 through 13.

6. If you are interested in voyaging aboard Glacier from MARAD to the pier please contact the Glacier Office via e-mail, but first ask yourself, are my dues paid?

7. We'd like to ask you some questions. How many persons would be interested in having RV parking and power facilities along side Glacier at Mare Island. How many of you would like us to arrange joint visits to the ship with a pre set tour of the Napa Valley, San Francisco and other parts of California. We encourage you to consider bringing the family for a joint work and tour. Please give us your comments.


Bernard G. Koether

21 July 2002


1. We completed a record two weeks work period aboard ship in Suisun Bay. About 20 persons were active most days, either aboard ship or working issues ashore. We accomplished some very significant events. I'll just mention the highlights:
a. We conducted an underwater survey to check the propellers and runner, satisfactory!
b. We removed an exhaust fan that services the forward portion of the ship. It is frozen and will need replacement or rebuild. We located two identical units on a nearby ship, so we have alternatives.
c. We conducted an inspection of the Main Diesels. Fairbanks is preparing a quotation of parts and assistance for returning all 10 engines to service. The inspection included removal of ports. The engines look very good. All lighting in the engine rooms worked. Visibility was excellent for the first time and the spaces are beginning to appear normal. You can now visualize them being back in 4.0 condition with another big push from a dedicated group of engine men.
d. We completed disassembly of frozen parts on the forward crane so they can be repaired and crane placed back in operation.
e. We recovered a very significant quantity of parts from the ships along side and we constructed inventory lists on a palm top for transmittal to a PC database. The ship is coming together very professionally and with great teamwork and organization. If we can turn out big crews like this again we will approach having a complete inventory of parts on board, or identified as missing, so we will know what we need to get underway.

2. We launched a new effort, Hospitality Services, Led by Eric Rosenquist of Cinni-Little.
Cinni-Little is the preeminent Food Service Design/Consulting firm in North America. He conducted a through survey of the galley, reefers, food storage, and the berthing. He will form a Committee of Food Service Industry Manufacturers to restore completely our total capability for Hotel services. This will include cooking, holding, preparation, dispensing, cleaning and berthing supplies as well as food stores. The goal will be to have limited capability shortly after we hit the pier with full operational capability by next spring when Elderhostel's program with the Glacier will be published.

3. We conducted a "Pier" meeting and reached verbal agreement on terms and conditions for a berth. We are awaiting conformation documents from the real estate agents prior to drafting a contract. Meanwhile we are still investigating alternatives. However, for the first time I believe we have berthing in hand.

4. We have begun discussions with possible vendors on telephone switchgear. Glacier's switch is missing. The proposed new equipment will give us full ships telephone service and interconnect to shore circuits. Our goal will be to have this in operation coincident with hitting the pier so we have good communications and security services operational.

5. Last but not least, I wish to share that this past week we had our first international member volunteer, Keith Holmes from Oxford England. Keith is a veteran of Stonington Base, a geologist by trade and explorer by interest. He will be our senior leader in the UK and very active with us in the future! Keith shares the vision of sailing up the Thames to London!!



Bernard G. Koether

30 June 2002


1. We are pleased and proud to announce that Rear Admiral James Miller USN SC (Ret.) has joined our Management Advisory Board. Jim was previously the CEO of the Navy Memorial after his retirement from active duty. This and more information will be posted on the web site next week along with information on the other directors. Jim is already working hard for us. I can't tell you how much it means to have a reply to my dawn messages within seconds. The first man on the bridge early in the morning is the Admiral with thoughtful facts and guidance on sourcing the many pieces that are still missing.

2. Happy July 4th. Our crewmembers and volunteers are preparing to head out to the ship for July 8th workweek. We have about 20 people and will have a very energetic effort that will include an underwater inspection of the screws and rudder. We want to be sure we are getting all the parts necessary to get her steaming! We also plan to make spot checks on the hull plate thickness.

3. Vickie Ipacs is traveling Europe for the month of July. Her phone is forwarded to mine, so responses may slow down for a while we experience our "summer office hours" Tom Beck, Helen Belkin and other volunteers will try to keep the ball rolling.

4. We have completed the MRAD contract it is ready for signature. We have additional documents to submit for the business issues and insurance. These are in hand and will be completed by the end of July for submittal to the Secretary of Transportation.

5. The ICEBUCKET (the old Arctic Survey Boat) has been hauled at Captain's Cove Marina and lies outside the Aquaculture School. We have a group of local volunteers who is committed to "take her down the original glass finish and rebuild her interior. She has some rotten wood, leaks, crazed ports, missing mast, outdated running lights, and general disarray that present a less than "Bristol" condition suitable for an Admiral's Launch. This is our goal, to make her perfect! She will pass a 4.0 Inspection when complete and will have all the latest electronics fully integrated. We will involve as many youth groups in the process as a learning experience and on the job training.

6. We want to say thank you to the Senators and Congressman who wrote letters of support for our grant application at Save America's Treasures. As of Friday night the letters were still coming in. California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, I know are in and other States are in process.

We will send a special report after our visit to the ship,


Ben Koether
Glacier Society, Inc.

09 June 2002


1. Plan to join and support the restoration crew aboard Glacier the week of July 7th, 2002. Go to the web site for more details. We are closing in on the movement date. This may be one of your last chances to earn special recognition for having worked aboard Glacier while she lies at MARAD. You will be sorry when you see what the others have earned!!

2. We have concluded negotiations with MARAD and expect to sign the transfer documents shortly. Patrick Lennon Esq. of South Port, CT. is donating the Admiralty legal work. Thank you, Patrick.

3. The discussions about berthing continue. We are moving closer to an agreement, but the multiplicity of authorities is, to say the least, confusing and cloudy. However, we believe that suddenly this will come to a close as well and we will be able to announce the winner of the GLACIER’S next port.

4. Dr. Jerri Nielsen, author of ICE BOUND and famous cancer survivor from the South Pole Station has joined our Medical Advisory Board. Jerri is going to take a very active role supporting the Glacier Society. She will be donating her time and the revenue earned from major speeches to the Society. We have recently spent time together planning the ships medical restoration and building an alliance with one or more major medical schools. Our plans are BIG and THEY WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED! There is no possible way I can express to you her level of commitment to our mission. We are truly blessed to have this wonderful lady on our team.

5. We are expanding our management organization and forming a tiered level of interlocking teams. The Management Board is entirely new. Its mission is to “manage the Business of the Society” by writing the business plans, supervising the specialty working units and driving the time line to accomplish the goals. Here is the membership of the Management Board. This is indeed an impressive group of men. We all are indeed grateful for their commitments. Capt. Will Sawyer, USN (Ret) of Boston, MA; Charles P. Stetson, USN (Ret.) of Fairfield, CT.; Steve Soler, Upper Arlington, Ohio; Rev. J. Perry Wooton, USN (Ret.) Eastchester, NY. and Capt. Martin McNair, USN (Ret.) Richmond, CA. We will publish more on this subject in our Newsletter.

6. We have completed initial negotiations with insurance underwriters and have set forth a clear path for obtaining insurance for liability and ship movement. Further, we have agreed upon a path to gain insurance for operation of the ship at sea. We are waiting completing of the ships survey for issuance of insurance for the movement to the pier. This should all be completed this month.

7. We have a Grant request pending before the selection Committee of Save America’s Treasures. Visit www.nps.gov to learn more about this program. We could use letters of support from members of Congress. If any of you can assist in this regard please do so today!! The Committee is acting as you read this memo. Write to Treasures@nps.gov. We especially wish to thank Congressmen Shay’s and Simmons, both of whom have sent letters of endorsement to the committee.


Bernard G. Koether
Glacier Society, Inc.

10 February 2002


1. The year end fund raising suffered, as did other charities, from the 9-11 hangover. However, we did bring in considerable support and increased our number of donors. The most significant contributions were from two entities, one anonymous supplying a new Kohler Generator for the ICEBUCKET. The other contribution was from Peterson Power Systems. This firm has been loaning us a generator that supplies power to our work parties. It now is ours permanently!! These are very significant contributions with a value of over $30,000.

2. We have completed preparations for the transfer of an "as new" Emergency Generator Room
Complete with day tanks, fire extinguisher systems, and electrical switchgear. This operation will take place in March. This equipment will be installed in a new space to be designed by M. Rosenblatt & Sons to meet IMO and USCG regulations for emergency power aboard Inspected Vessels.

3. Glacier Society participated in the Annual meeting of the United States Arctic Research Commission this past January, by invitation of its Chairman, George B. Newton. We invite you to visit www.uaa.alaska.edu/enri/arc_web/princip.htm. Here you may observe the synergies possible with the cooperation of the Glacier Society and many existing research programs. We were fortunate to meet all the Commissioners and the staff members including Dr. Rita Colwell the most distinguished leader of NSF and a strong proponent of increased research in the Arctic. The Society presented its vision of the restoration process and the planned scientific use of the vessel. We believe the future is promising indeed.

4. Last week the Glacier Society toured England to lay the foundation for establishing formal links in the UK via becoming a UK entity registered with their Charity Board. This will enable UK resident Polar Explorers to join our team and participate in their local currency. We held numerous meeting, which included our Board members Alexandra Shackleton and Peter Fuchs.

5. Glacier Society will participate in the Annual Winter Board Meeting of the HNSA, (Historic Naval Ship Assoc.) and then the Navy Memorial Dinner the first week of March. Meetings with our Congressional supporters, and MARAD will be perused to complete the transfer documents and prepare to move the ship to the pier at Mare Island. This will be followed by a two-week work period aboard ship. We will be ready to move shortly.

6. The following skills are needed, and can be executed from home. Please help us find volunteers:
a. Grant writers
b. Authors for the newsletter & public relations
c. Researchers to search the national Archives under our direction


Bernard G. Koether
Glacier Society, Inc.

6 June 2000

1. We have had a very busy and productive two months. Enclosed at the end of this message is a Press Release from Congressman Shays describing the passage of the House Defense Authorization Act that includes our Bill. The Senate will follow shortly and send the package to the President for his signature.


2. We have located the "GREENLAND" or "ARCTIC" cruiser that served as the GLACIER survey vessel while operating in uncharted waters. This is a double-ended 40-Foot boat powered with a GM diesel. She is being prepared for transport to Norwalk, CT where she will be hosted by Cove Marine. Our volunteers will work at the Cove Facility until we make the boat ready for sea. We are seeking qualified volunteers to assist in this restoration. This work qualifies for sea time aboard GLACIER.


3. Wee were assisted by Boy Scout Troop 100 in preparing a Memorial Day Parade float in Westport, CT. Congratulations to the Scouts! Remember Admiral Byrd always selected several Eagle Scouts to join his expedition. We are re-establishing this program with Scouts earning sea time aboard the next GLACIER cruise.


4. Hats off to Peterson Power! They have provided GLACIER with a 25KW Generator set which is aboard ship and operating to provide our teams with light and ventilation. 


5. We have a new staff member. Ron Gaines is a retired Master Chief USN. Ron called us when he heard about our project. He has moved his family from New Hampshire to be close to our office! Now that is dedication. 


6. Do not forget: Those who are members and those who work to help restore the ship are the first chosen to ride the ship. If you have not done so please send in your membership via the web site: www.glaciersociety.org this site is revised weekly so keep an eye on the progress and meet the members who are active. Here is Congressman Shays release THANK YOU CHRIS!!


Press Release Rep. Christopher Shays 

May 19, 2000 

House Approves Legislation to Bring
U.S.S. Glacier to Connecticut 

WASHINGTON -- Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4205, the National Defense Authorization Act, which included legislation to convey ownership of the U.S.S. Glacier, a national defense reserve fleet vessel, to the Glacier Society of Bridgeport, Congressman Christopher Shays announced. 

"The U.S.S. Glacier will prove to be an exciting educational resource for students and enthusiasts of all ages," said Shays. "The ship occupies a valuable place in the history of the American military and played a vital part in our exploration of the surface of the Earth. The Glacier Society has worked tirelessly to make a home for the Glacier in Connecticut, and I'm pleased to support their effort." 

The Glacier Society intends to operate the U.S.S. Glacier as a functioning museum ship to educate students and the general public about military service and the exploration of the North and South Poles, as well as to honor members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Both in port and at sea, the Glacier Society intends to conduct educational programs for students in elementary through college levels, seagoing voyages for the public, and post graduate and adult learning programs. The ship will also serve as a major tourist attraction for the City of Bridgeport. 

"The whole nation should be grateful for the leadership of Congressman Shays for helping bring this national treasure home to Connecticut," said Ben Koether, President of the Glacier Society. 

The USS Glacier was commissioned in 1955. Glacier was the first and only member of a new class of Navy icebreakers and, at the time of her construction, the largest icebreaker ever built. The Glacier led 39 expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic polar ice caps between 1955 and 1987, under the flags of both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. The ship is currently anchored in San Francisco, CA, undergoing restoration. 

Shays introduced legislation in July 1999 to provide for the transfer of the U.S.S. Glacier to the Glacier Society; the House Armed Services Committee agreed earlier this month to attach the legislation to the National Defense Authorization Act. Sens. Christopher Dodd and Joe Lieberman have introduced a companion bill, S. 1450, in the Senate. 

The National Defense Authorization Act passed 353-63. Shays voted against final passage of the bill because it does not make the necessary tough decisions about burden sharing in Europe, weapons systems, base closings, or our over-extended military commitments around the world. 

Ben Koether, President of the Glacier Society, can be contacted at 203/375-6638.

Contact: Eric Friedman, 202/225-5541 

Respectfully submitted,
Ben Koether

16 DECEMBER 1999


1. The January on board restoration team will be lead by Rick Glenndenning & Jim Zimmer. Capt. Bob Farmer USCG Ret., the last CO of the BURTON ISLAND will be leading the administrative and logistical support for the operations in the Bay Area. Welcome Aboard Bob!!

The January goal is to establish lighting throughout the ship so that M. Rosenblatt & Sons can have a very efficient use of their time during the survey visit in February. These visits will allow us to regenerate and refine the construction plans that were first drafted last year during our first visits to the ship.

2. It is very important that we develop a valid listing of volunteers who will work at MARAD this year. We need to properly plan the teams matching their skills with the assignments. Additionally, we need time to organize housing options. Good planning and reliable execution by our membership will speed the project and reduce our cost to complete.

Please send your availability dates to Jack Erhard and Bob Farmer.

Jack Erhard

Robert Farmer

3. The period of February 2000 through the following summer will focus upon identifying needed parts for GLACIER and locating them within the retired vessels at the reserve fleet. This is adventuresome and hard work, but equally rewarding. Both Jack Erhard and I participated in this exercise for the JOHN BROWN that is based in Baltimore. Jack & I will be transferring this leadership to Bob Farmer and the volunteer team.

Jerry has earned the top award for innovative fund raising this year. Jerry screwed up his courage and his salesmanship and pitched the GLACIER SOCIETY restoration to the American Legion Post No. 284 in Colonial Heights Virginia. They presented the Society with a check for $2000.00.

First, we all need to recognize Jerry's outstanding performance. He continues just as he did 40 years ago aboard the ship being one of the finest examples of the Chiefs who run the Navy.

Second, we all need to say thank you to the Post. Write to:
Robert I. Carper
505 Springdale Avenue
Colonial Heights, VA 23834.

Last is a call for other crew members to make similar appeals to your local VFW and American Legion Posts. If you need assistance e-mail Jerry for advice. gseeney750@aol.com

Just think positively. Fifty States, 50 volunteers practicing the pitch, 50 donations of $2000!! Result, $100,000 and we are on the way to the dry-dock!


Ben Koether

04 DECEMBER 1999


1. Glacier Society staff joined the GLACIER ASSOCIATION reunion in St. Louis, MO. this past Fall . It was a wonderful meeting and the best attended yet. The highlight was the announcement by Caterpillar Corporation that they had delivered a new generator set to the MARAD dock for movement aboard GLACIER as the first step in the restoration cycle.

2. GLACIER SOCIETY placed on sale its line of Polo Shirts and chambray work shirts. They were enthusiastically received by the crew members and all the inventory we carried to the meeting was sold. We have inventory on hand at the office. They make great Holiday gifts, so consider ordering some now!! You can send a check or we will take your credit card via e-mail, Fax or just leave a phone message in the office mail box, 203-375-6638.

Polo Shirts available Navy Blue or White $35.00

Chambray Work shirts $25.00

3. We have commissioned the production of bronze GLACIER SOCIETY EMBLEMS mounted on Walnut. These should become available in the Spring. Persons interested should let us know.

4. We are scheduling work parties to install the generator and power the ship's services beginning in January. Please let us know when you are available and how long you can stay on the job. We are working to find free accommodations but this is not completed at this time. Meanwhile, we need your help!!

5. Additional work parties are required to scavenge the fleet looking for used parts that are allowed to be returned to GLACIER. We do not wish to leave MARAD until this opportunity has been exhausted. This is a fun exercise although perhaps slow and tedious. The sooner we start the sooner we can be finished.

6. Our disappointing news this Fall was the inability of Congress to pass our legislation as we had planned. However, Congressman Shays and Senator Dodd are advising us that the Bill will be acted upon favorably early in the next year. We are full speed ahead, "Breaking Ice as Before." The only difference now is that the ice is in Washington not at the Pole!! The results will be the same: success in the mission.

7. We have reached an agreement with the firm of M. Rosenblatt & Sons. This is the leading Naval Architectural firm of the US Navy. They will be conducting surveys of the GLACIER with our members early next year. M. Rosenblatt is currently supervising the reconstruction of the USS CONSTELLATION in New York. They are extremely well positioned to lead the reconstruction efforts necessary to return our vessel to sea.

The Board of Trustees wishes to thank those of you who have enrolled as members of the GLACIER SOCIETY and especially those of you who have made such generous gifts of time and treasure. The support has been excellent! For those of you who have not given but would like to do so, there is still time prior to December 31. Gifts are 100 per cent deductible from your tax return for this year.

Happy Holiday Season
Ben Koether

21 July, 1999

Restoration Log 02.99 Group J

This memo is being sent as plain text since many of our addressees are unable to open attachments and graphics. A printed newsletter will be in the mail shortly. Please send us your mailing address if you have not done so as yet.

1. The GLACIER SOCIETY now has a permanent full time administrator, Alicia Leonard. She answers to Yeoman, Yeolady or Yeodelers. She can be reached at the GLACIER SOCIETY office, 905 Honeyspot Rd. Stratford, CT 06615 or at GlacierSoc@aol.com. Phone 203-375-6638. Alicia is a graduate of Trinity College. She is a wonderful addition and has made significant progress building our program. Alicia will be at the Reunion in St. Louis, so be sure to introduce yourself to her.

2. This is a formal invitation to attend the reunion in St. Louis from September 22nd through the 26th. This outstanding program is managed by Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. We encourage you to attend and enjoy the fellowship whilst meeting the staff who is engaged in the restoration of the GLACIER. There will be a special evening presentation on the Restoration of GLACIER during the Wine and Cheese Party Thursday September 23.

3. Our crews accomplished significant work de-watering the ship and making her secure. Preparations were made to restore electrical hotel services in the near future. Detailed plans are being drafted and sub contractors are supplying bids on parts of the restoration work that can not be handled by volunteers. We are on schedule!!

4. Jim Delgado & I visited the ship to conduct an assessment prior to presenting the Department of Interior with an application to establish GLACIER as a National Landmark Property. We believe this will be accomplished in due course.

5. We have built our mailing list to nearly 4,000. Our plan is to continue building our membership base during the next year until it totals 10,000. You can help in this effort! We will send bulk copies of literature if you would like to participate in the recruiting effort. If you can not work on the ship, please volunteer to become a recruiter. It's fun, easy, AND VERY IMPORTANT!!

6. We have received our first Foundation Grant to support the restoration. This is a significant milestone. Some of you may have the skills to become solicitors to various foundations in your community. Write or phone and we will guide you through the process.

7. We have received the loan of a 67 Foot Express Cruiser which we have named the EXPLORER. She is currently being equipped with GLACIER & POLAR artifacts. This vessel will cruise the Atlantic Coast conducting fund raising events and publicizing the GLACIER SOCIETY. We are seeking volunteers qualified to make arrangements for port visits, host cocktail parties, and help in crewing the vessel. Please submit your credentials to Alicia Leonard!

8. We are seeking a volunteer to become the on site project manager in California. This person's responsibility would be to recruit and organize volunteers to work aboard the ship. This person should have Internet access and have the time and interest to devote to organizing the work parties locally. Jack Erhard will still be the overall reconstruction manager until we take title and physical possession of the vessel and begin to work her hard in a yard. Working inside the MARAD facility has limitations but we must exhaust our time there to obtain spare parts and equipment.

9. We are also issuing a call for a volunteer to take over the design and operation of our GLACIER SOCIETY web page. Any takers??

I hope this message warms your heart and heightens your belief and resolve. The GLACIER will once again plow the Seas!! Now is the time for you to take some action--join with your contribution in coin and spirit.

From the Bridge,
Ben Koether

NOVEMBER 19, 1998

A lot of things have happened since the last report, there is bill pending in Congress for the GLACIER SOCIETY to obtain title to the Glacier, we were hoping it would go through this fall session, but it appears now that it will be sometime next year before it will be brought up. There has been an Official GLACIER SOCIETY, INC., (Section 501c3, not for profit Corporation) formed and you can expect information pertaining to this in a GLACIER SOCIETY mailout in mid January next year with all the pertinent details.

There is another inspection scheduled for November 16 - 17, 1998 to inspect in more details of the main engines and electrical system, all systems are still go for the year 2000 for the Glacier to steam into the New York Harbor on her on power, with a lot of work and input into this Society this can well be done. we will need the support of many people for this to become a reality, so when you are asked to help, please try and do whatever you can do with the restoration of the Glacier.

JULY 04, 1998

There is a drive underway to save the GLACIER, this started back in early May of this year headed by Ben Koether of Westport, CT., Ben has been instrumental in meeting with Bridgeport Harbor Commission and setting up an survey tour of the GLACIER in Suisun Bay, CA. On June 16 1998 at 0900 hours the survey team boarded the GLACIER and hoisted the colors, which were flown the three days we were aboard. The survey team headed by Ben Koether and assisted by Jim Tinch, Jack Erhard and Rick Glendenning, Rick was the Engineering Officer during the USCG era, he knew the systems well. We also had Fairbanks-Morse representative Charlie Taulbee aboard. The three day survey went well and the old gal is in pretty good shape, with the exception of a lot of missing equipment that was destructively removed. The bottom line is we can get her operational, the only concern we have right now is the port main motor and it's control panel which has broken resistors and heavy dust and contamination, most of the commutators look very good on the generators, the main motor doors were locked, no person had been inside since the ship was shut down, (that's good) so we left it that way until we can get a Chief Electrical expert aboard for a few days. This organization is tentative named GLACIER SOCIETY FOUNDATION, INC., (
benkoether@mindspring.com) which we believe will appeal to USN, USCG, NSF, Foreign Nationals, Scientific and Educational Institutions. This Society will operate apart from the USS GLACIER AGB-4 ASSOCIATION, there will be no change in the current association.

When we gain title to the ship we plan to operate as a school ship with USCG certification to carry passenger for hire. It will operate under a 501-3c foundation with private and public backing.

We need help, muscle, money and brains what ever you have to pitch in !!! Especially Enginemen, Electricians and Damage Control these departments will be number one priority, of course all departments will be needed, it will take all hands pitching in to make this project work. This is a joint venture by Navy, Coast Guard and Civilian personnel that are interested in restoring the GLACIER, this will take time and a lot of hard work and will have to be done on the West Coast.

To every one of our members I would like to ask each of you to do us just one favor, when you read this information please share it with your family and friends this thought. Tell them how proud the thousands of GLACIER crew members are of the job you will have done in support of our effort. The goal is to provide our Nation with a superb monument to all the thousands of servicemen and scientist who served in the Polar Service.

If you are willing and able to volunteer your service for this program for a period of at least thirty days or what ever time you can spare. Please contact:

Ben Koether
HOME:    203-227-2892  

Remember this will be in San Francisco, CA when the ship is moved alongside the pier.

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