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President's Quarterly Report

Spring 2010

AHOY Shipmates!

I donít know about you guys, but it has been a long winter across our country and this sailor is ready for some open water: we're kind of use to it in the mid-west but what is going on with all this snow out east, down south and parts of Texas? I thought we had enough of this years ago in someplace called Antarctica or was I just dreaming?

On a sadder noteÖI must tell you that we lost our shipmate and good friend Tom Ebnet to his long battle with cancer. Tom passed away in his sleep on January 17, 2010 at the VA hospital in St. Cloud, MN. Keith Otzen and I were able to make it up there just in time for a few last words: he passed away hours later. Tom was a loyal Glacier member, our treasurer for 10 years, and we will all miss him very much.

I mentioned in our Fall Newsletter that Glacier Navy Helicopter Association would be attending our reunion in Branson, Mo. to help bring our numbers up for more bargaining power when it comes to booking a hotel. They decided not to attend because their reunion cycle is different than ours and they did not want to change. Maybe sometime in the future we can work something out.

Keith Otzen, who is our secretary, and I have put together a new form to make it easier to pay your dues with space provided for change of mailing address, telephone number, and Email address. By providing us with updated information, you are guaranteed not to miss out on newsletters and reunion updates.

Hereís where we were in past reunions.  Where were you?

  • 2011 - We will be in Branson MO.

  • 2009 - Bloomington MN.

  • 2007 - Nashville TN.

  • 2005 - Philadelphia PA.

  • 2003 - Las Vegas NV.

  • 2001 - Charleston SC.

  • 1999 - St. Louis MO.

  • 1997 - Myrtle Beach SC.

  • 1995 - Boston MA.

  • 1993 - Norfolk VA.

GLACIER OPERATING BUDGET: The success of our reunions depends on our participants and treasury funds. Dues, donations and sale of GLACIER merchandise create the treasury.

The reunion dues are $25.00 annually, which is very minimal for the period of July 1, to June 30. Participants that pay the $25.00 dues receive the GLACIER newsletters and reunion information. In addition, the annual costs support the GLACIER web site, office supplies, shirts and postage. At the reunions, a registration fee is charged to pay for incidentals such as pop, beer, snacks and entertainment. We also sell raffle tickets from donated merchandise that adds a little operating money.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: We are losing people each year. We publish and mail out the newsletter to incorrect addresses because we are not notified of changes and this adds extra expense to our mailing budget. Your help is needed to keep our mailing list current. Please put any new addresses and Email changes on the dues form provided.

EMAIL ADDRESS: Let us know if you would like a copy of our Email list (note web site): it will not be sold to anyone. Let us know if you donít want your Email given out.

WEB SITE: If you have photos that you would like on our web site, please contact me. Are there other people looking for you?

I will be going to Branson, MO this summer to do a site visit for our 2011 reunion. This involves looking at two or three hotels. I try to get the best prices and the cleanest hotel that our budget will allow. I have never been there before but it is rated as one of the best service reunion locations in the country. Set your sites on 2011 and try to make it to Branson because you donít want to miss this one!

For the latest information on the statistics of the USS Glacier please visit their web site at www.glaciersociety.org. They are looking for volunteers to work at different positions.

Since our last reunion we have added two new members to our roster, Gary Apple is from California and Jerry Edwards is from Minnesota: welcome aboard guys! Just when you think we have run out of new blood someone pops up.

Summer is just around the corner. Enjoy yourselves while you can. Hope to see all of you in Branson, Mo. Happy sailing!

Gordon Wagoner
USS Glacier Association

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