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President's Quarterly Report

Spring 2012

AHOY Shipmate! 

I am sorry this newsletter is later then normal but I wanted to wait until I heard more news about the status of the USS Glacier. For those of you who did not receive the e-mail I recently sent, I will try to bring you up to date on what has been going on with the Glacier these past few months.

The Maritime Administration (MARAD), where the Glacier has been at anchor since 1988, has sold the Glacier to ESCO Marine Inc .out of Brownsville, Texas to be scrapped. She was towed to Mare Island dry-dock to be readied for her long journey to Texas by way of the Panama Canal. The Glacier left San Francisco on May 21st undertow and it will take close to a month to get to Texas. Ben Koether of the Glacier Society will meet the Glacier as she arrives in Brownsville. Ben will make one last attempt to save her. More information on this by going to www.savetheglacier.org  

Lee Blevins, one of our shipmates called me and said he would take pictures as the Glacier was being towed under the Golden Gate Bridge and past the city of San Francisco. Lee did this for us so we would have one last look at the Mighty “G”. These photos can be viewed by going to face book. The album is titled USS Glacier and under his name, Lee Blevins. Thank you Lee for all of your hard work!

I now have the dates and other information on where our reunion will be in 2013. The dates are Oct. 2-6 and we will be staying at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Providence, RI. Our special room rate will be $109.00, which is really good for that area. We will be taking a day trip to the Boston area, homeport of the Glacier. There are several trips available which the Armed Forces Reunion committee will be sending me to look at. Also, there will be trips in the Providence area. More information will become available, as we get closer to the year 2013. 

I mentioned the Glacier jacket in my last newsletter. It is now available on our web site. Just go to enlistment form and click onto the thumbprint and you will see the order form, which can be downloaded. If you do not have a computer let me know and I will send you a form.

Just a reminder to send in your dues by July 1st. Our treasury is in pretty good shape which gives us the option for better door prizes and a little extra to spend at our reunion in 2013.

If you know any of our shipmates that are not getting this newsletter please let me know so I can get their correct addresses.

I want to close by saying that I was proud to serve on the mightiest icebreaker of them all, the USS Glacier AGB-4. I will never forget you for opening my eyes to a place where few people have ever been, Antarctica. Farewell my friend…….


Gordon Wagoner
USS Glacier Association

2013 – Providence, RI
2011 – Branson, MO
2009 – Bloomington, MN
2007 – Nashville, TN
2005 – Philadelphia, PA
2003 – Las Vegas, NV
2001 – Charleston, SC
1999 – ST. Louis, MO
1997 – Myrtle Beach, SC
1995 – Boston, MA
1993 – Norfolk, VA

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