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President's Yearly Report


Hello shipmates,

Well the final figures are in from our Nashville reunion and it looks like we were a little above average for attendances for a total of 108. This is not bad but I know we can do better in 2009. From all the feed back I received everyone had a great time in Nashville, the hotel was very nice, the food was very good, especially our made to order breakfast’s, and the tours were allot of fun, our day on the river I will remember for a long time to come.

Our business meeting on Saturday went well, a complete copy is enclosed. We had some fine candidates for vice president but after the final tally of votes Woody Brenner will be your new vice president, and what a fine choice he is. Woody will be pulling double duty as he is also our historian, so if you have anything of interest, old cruise books, memorabilia and want to donate it to the Glacier Association please get in touch with Woody, his phone number and address are on this web site.

Tom Ebnet ran unopposed for the treasure position and will be onboard for two more years. I want to thank Tom not only for trying to bring our roster up to date but for all the extra work he did in selling shirts, raffle tickets and helping out at our hospitality room. If your address, phone number, or e-mail has changed please get this information to Tom or myself so we can set the records straight.

For the president position I ran unopposed, I want to thank everyone for the confidence you have in me for the next two years, I will not disappoint you.

Also at our meeting on Saturday we voted on raising our dues, we had to do this to off set the escalating prices of office material and printing fees. Our new dues will be $25.00 per year, this puts us in line with most other organizations out there. Dues are due by the 1st of July of each year according to Glacier by-laws. I will be sending out a newsletter in the spring of 2008 and in it there will be a reminder to get them in. On your envelope there will be a year after your name which will indicate the year you are paid up to, for those of you that are behind please get in touch with Tom Ebnet to bring your dues up to date.

Many thanks go out to Fred Hart and the nominating committee for all the work and tuff decision they had to make in selecting our new reunion site. The three choices were Norfolk Va., Wilmington NC, and Minneapolis./St. Paul/Bloomington MN. Wilmington was the winner by vote but after checking with the Armed Forces Reunion committee on hotel prices, bus transportation and tours available in Wilmington area they said this would not be a good choice for they do not service this area any more do to the high cost of hotels and the transportation issue, therefore they could not meet our guide lines. I sent this issue back to our nominating committee to pick another choice and they decided on Bloomington MN. for our next reunion site. Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul with a choice of many hotels and things to do. I will be working with the AFR reunion committee to see that we will have a great time in the state of Minnesota.

I want to thank everyone that came to Nashville and the confidence you have in me as your president. Hope to see all of you at our next reunion in 2009.


Best regards,

Gordon Wagoner

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