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Memorabilia Overview

Section Structure
The Memorabilia Section of the Association's Web site is all about the voyages of the USS Glacier and consists of the following Areas:
  • Shipmate's Reminiscences: An addition to the site is the reminiscences of former Glacier shipmates. Within this site, any time you click on the word [ story ] you will be able to read a tale from someone who either served aboard the Glacier or had contact with her during one of her ports-of-call or deployments.
  • If something you read on-site–or perhaps it is a picture or patch–sparks a memory of something that happened to you while you served aboard the ship and you would like to share it online, please contact the Webmaster to make arrangements to have your story published.

  • Maps and Charts: In this Area of our site we present a collection of charts showing the various voyages of the USS Glacier as well as a variety of maps of Antarctica.      Take me there ]
  • Patches: In this Area of our site we present a collection of patches that celebrate Glacier's various Operations and voyages.      Take me there ]
  • Ship Images: In this Area of our site we present collections of photographs of the USS Glacier and the people, places and things she came in contact with.     Take me there ]

Additional Memorabilia
We are always interested in adding new Maps and Charts, Patches, or Pictures of the ship, the places she visited and the people who where involved with her. If you are able to contribute any of the above, please contact the USS Glacier AGB-4 Association President or the Association's Webmaster.

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